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My story


I am Mariana, an artist, instructor and community facilitator.


I worked as a technology consultant for more than 15 years and dedicated some of my spare time to arts and crafts. My hobby became an important part of my life.

It transformed into a way for me to recover, relax and create beautiful moments of enjoyment.


In 2014, I began to share my experiences facilitating creative workshops. My dream was to create a permanent space where adults could learn, find inspiration, and share this interest with others.


I moved to Vancouver in 2016 and decided to leverage the opportunity to change the direction of my career, dedicating myself entirely to pursue this dream.


I believe the creative process can be a driver for lifestyle improvements, and I am passionate about helping others in this learning journey.


Take the leap. Let me guide you through craft, art, and soul.

Mariana Gassmann
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