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Mosaic Art Classes

In these 3-hour classes, you will learn basic mosaic art techniques and utilize them on different support materials like wooden, clay and glass.

During each class, we will cover basic Mosaic Art techniques, how to use the tools, grouting pieces and, most importantly, focus on releasing your creativity to elaborate an art piece through this millennial art.

We will include all that you need to enjoy the activity, design and finish your project. At the end of the class, you will take your finished art piece home.

You could choose to take one class or more. You can choose a different project each day.

These classes are perfect if it will be the first time experimenting with this type of art or having some experience with mosaic art before. We could adapt daily projects to your personal experience.


  • No previous experience required.

  • All classes have up to 6 participants for a small group atmosphere and individual attention.

  • Languages: English & Spanish.

  • Delivered in person.

  • Location: Vancouver, BC. Canada

More information please contact us


Whatsapp: +1.604.219.2298



We will use a wood piece or tile for the base layer, glue, grout, ceramics, mirrors, and old china you can work with. 

Old china and second-hand tiles are included as a material and we will teach you how to repurpose them into art.

We include different tools, protective glasses, aprons and rags.

Classes Fall 2022

The schedule will publish soon

Do you want to know more?
Please send us a message, we are happy to help you.

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