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Mosaic Art Classes

In these one-on-one Mosaic classes, you will learn basic mosaic art techniques and utilize them on different support materials like wood, clay and glass.

These classes are perfect if it will be your first time experimenting with this type of art or having experience with mosaic art. We could adapt projects to your personal experience. 


We work together during the whole process: choosing a project, design, technique, materials, realization, and finishing.

You start the project in class and bring it home to continue working on it yourself or leave it at the studio. It is your choice.

In the studio, you have free access to tools. Also, you can buy materials at a fair price. But you can always bring your tools and materials!


At the studio, we encourage you to focus on releasing your creativity

to elaborate an art piece through this millennial art.


  • No previous experience is required.

  • One-on-one classes.

  • Languages: English & Spanish.

  • Delivered in-person and blended (in-person and online)

  • Location: Vancouver, BC. Canada


  • Weekly classes - 325 CAD(*) per month
    Include four 1.5-hour classes - one per week
    (*) For new students, we include materials for the first project -  a small project.

  • One-time class - 75 CAD per hour
    -materials not included- 

More information please contact us


Whatsapp/Text: +1.604.219.2298


Do you want to know more?
Please send us a message, we are happy to help you.

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