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A Recorded Story

How a simple invitation led me to an unexpected experience mostly reserved for actors and singers.

A few months ago, I was invited to recount my experience as an immigrant in Vancouver during these COVID times. Without thinking about it I said yes!.

I didn’t even ask what the deadline was. I was excited about the opportunity of sharing some of my stories and more so doing in a new medium. It represented a new experience and a considerable stretch for my writing skills. Being it a challenge made it more appealing.

Write the story. Which one?

It was very difficult to select a particular story to cover, I went over so many ideas. I chose to talk about my first online workshop, a format I was kind of forced into because of the COVID pandemic. I worked on the draft for a few days, adding corrections and shifting words to make it easier to follow. My lovely husband helped as my personal editor. It was not an easy task, we have a limited total of 200 words as the condition. I sent that first draft to the coordinator of The Shoe Project for feedback and continued working on it

Vocal Training

After the story was finalized I arranged for a coaching session with the incredible voice-coach Alisson Mattew. We worked together via video conference in preparing myself for the recording. She coached me in my pronunciation and intonation to show and particularly taught to convey my emotions through my voice.

Recording my Story

Hannah welcomed me at the entrance of the Wave Recording Studio and guided me to the Control Room. The Control Room was a big room with dark walls and warm lighting. On one side a comfortable couch, on the other a professional audio mixing console, big screens and computers with specialized software. At one end of this room, a big window to the ‘live room’, equipped with microphones, stands and headphones. I’d spend almost an hour telling my story once and again until is perfect.

I began thinking about how many other people shared the same room before, actors, singers, voiceover professionals, journalists, and even other immigrant women like me.

Allison joined me on a screen via videoconference, helping during the recording session. We recorded entire versions of the story and particular sessions several times. Greg, the sound engineer, was in the Control Room, checking on every word to do his “magic” after the session.

I’m so glad of having had said yes without thinking about it. We should do that more often don’t you think?

I'm so happy to invite you to enjoy my story

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