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The time I met my online Teacher in person

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Last July, I spent some time in Argentina visiting my family. I seized the occasion to meet face-to-face with the teacher who has been guiding me into the Mandala’s world through Internet. Not only that, I had the opportunity to visit and take a class in her studio.

My mum, my teacher Guadalupe and me.

After we moved to Canada, I stayed in touch with my art colleagues back in Argentina and even took some courses online. The Mandala’s Instructor course was the most intense of all of them. Every Tuesday during more than 6 months, a small group of students from different cities turned-on their computers to attend Guadalupe classes online and learn how to teach others this technique.

Deciding between taking classes online or attending them in person, most of us would choose the later. Meeting our instructors establish a different connection, unique and special. But sometimes, online is our only option. It could be a matter of money, time or, like in my case, location. Guadalupe lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

As an student of hers, my mum was also thrilled with the idea of meeting Guadalupe and joined me in the visit.

Taking classes with my mum remotely, allowed me to keep sharing activities we both like despite the distance. It inspires me and making feel her a little bit closer.

Guadalupe received us in her studio on a cold winter morning, with "mate y bizcochitos" ready to share. Art has a special place in her house and you can feel a creative energy in the air. Walls and floor are covered by art pieces made by her. Colors, textures and materials are combined in unusual and interesting ways, a showcase of her talent.

Timon, such a curious cat, spent a lot of time with us walking among our papers trying to be part of the conversation. He is so cute! What an amazing companion for an artist.

We talked about so many different things. How to connect each part of our mandalas to let them flow, how to choose the right colors, and the importance of intuition during the creative process. A gathering of instructors and artists, you can imagine how much we enjoyed it.

I’m really grateful to Guadalupe for opening her studio to this amazing experience.

If you want to reach her, you can do it through her facebook page.

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