Craft Workshops for adults and families

Workshops in Vancouver, BC

Upcycling, mandalas art, mosaic art, and more

You are creative

How many times have you wondered if you are a creative person?

I strongly believe we all are. It is just a matter of giving ourselves the chance.

Through my own personal journey, I learned that Art is something amazing that anyone can make part of their life.


Imagine sitting down for a couple of hours and being completely, mindfully engaged in creating a piece of craft. Something that once finished, will leave you fulfilled and glowing.

Consider a pause in your hectic day, where your thoughts and mindset are shifted into a state of complete freedom from stress, anxiety and negativity.


Following this path, you will soon start to see beauty and patterns in things you did not before. Once engaged in a form of art, your mind will constantly be churning with new thoughts, ideas and imagery in a positive way. Something that will carry over into your everyday life.


Did this spark your interest? Would you like to learn more?


Take a look around and reach out to me.  I would love to help you out.


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